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Serving Tee: The Slogan Tees To Buy NOW And How To Style Them Up

instyle tshirt

How to make sure your tee is In-Style… (GET.IT?)

Let’s face it, if you have coughed up the cash for Gucci then you might as well shout about it. The perfect way for one to do so is with a slogan tee. But once you have made the purchase how do you style it out? Here’s how…

The IT Tee

I would sell my own grandmother to get hold of this t-shirt and so would many of you- even if you don’t want to admit it. Fast becoming to 2016-17 what the Chloe Paddington bag was to 2003-4, THE Gucci t-shirt is back in stock on style.com. Apologies if InStyle has all the sizes available in their basket. The way to wear it: loud, proud and tucked into a mom jean. Durrr.

T-Shirt, £265 Gucci at Style.com

Take It For An Evening Date

Maria Grazia Chiuri protested her way on the runway for her Dior debut, with her pro feminist slogans. In the process the designer showed that even the humble tee could take your eveningwear to ‘da street.’ It’s the 2017 equivalent of wearing your dress with trainers circa Lily Allen’s early years.

dior slogan tshirt

Suited And Slogan’ed

Bored of boardroom attire? Drum up a new dress code with a band tee. The overall vibe is lux groupie if you will. However the golden rule is: google at least one song by said band in case someone quizzes you.

T-shirt, £26, Topshop

Get Dressed In The Dark

Why not wear it back to front? It’s an ideal styling strategy if you are hungover AF and want to detract from your face. OR if you having a really great butt day…

back to front t shirt

Work It Out

Adidas is the Sporty Spice of the slogan world. Spice up tailoring or witness the fitness with a sports luxe vibe.

Are YOU InStyle?

It’s so great- we put out name on it. Designed by Virgil Abloh from Off-White fame along with InStyle USA’s Editor In Chief, Laura Brown the ‘InStyle’ t-shirt serves up serious unapologetic 1980s Wham vibes.

T-shirt, £76, Off-White

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